5 comments on “Cartoonfestival of Olen: Puzzles and Puzzlers

  1. Dear friens of cartoon art,

    I’ve talked with significant “connaisseurs” about the results of this edition of Olense Kartoenale and we all are of the opinion that the works awarded with the first and the fourth prize don’t really correspond to the topic “Puzzles and Puzzlers”. I really think that the jury decided in these two cases not very carefully and that should not happen at such a prestigious international competition.

    It’s a great pity…

    Pol LEURS

  2. Thanks Pol for sharing your opinion. Unfortunatly I do not agree with you, as for me both cartoons correspond to the theme.

    As the Dutch and English maining of ‘Puzzle’ is:

    1. a toy or problem, or other contrivance designed to amuse by presenting difficulties to be solved by ingenuity or patient effort.
    2. something puzzling; a puzzling question, matter, or person.
    3.a puzzled or perplexed condition; bewilderment.
    4.a crossword puzzle: Did you do the puzzle in the newspaper today?
    5.a jigsaw puzzle.

    For me the first prize correspond on the first point of the definition (the part ‘difficulties to be solved’), the 4th prize winner to the 4th point (crossworld puzzle)

    Best regards


  3. Please note that all these distinctions do not occur in the Luxembourg language use and probably also in most of other language uses​​. For example German Wikipedia and French Wikipedia only describe puzzle as a toy or a game.

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