One comment on “Online cartoon jury meetings

  1. Dear friends of cartoon art,

    Herewith my opinion concerning cartooning “on screen” by explaining how the jury of our Vianden contest works. The organizer invites participants to send their works in digital form via internet. Of these items the jury makes a shortlist of the best 120 drawings which represents the first step of the selection process. Then the organizer ask the authors of these works to send via mail the originals to the second stage of selection, namely the selection of the prizes and the mentions.
          The jury members and myself as President of the jury rate the works by assigning points according to the following criteria: compliance with the theme, the idea, the presentation of this idea, the humor and finally the technique and style. The two last criterions are only possible to value properly if you can hold an original, that means a life work, in your hands. Deliberations and discussions between the different jury members obtain best quality of results.
    The big disadvantage of all computer work in cartooning, that means realization and judgment, is that the true hand-drawed cartoons loses its importance and that is a great pity!

    All the best.

    Pol LEURS

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